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Proofreading Rates

The Proofreading Girl strives to provide professional proofreading services at an affordable cost to all. Below are the base rates for most proofreading jobs. To get an exact quotation for your specific project, please upload your document.

Rates are tiered according to turnaround requirement. Same-day service carries a premium, but for less urgent projects, a longer turnaround may be more economical:

  • Gold (24-hour turnaround): $9 per page
  • Silver (48-hour turnaround): $7 per page
  • Bronze (standard turnaround): $5 per page

The Proofreading Girl does not use Microsoft Word’s page count feature to calculate rates. Page count is calculated by the total number of words divided by 280. This method produces the most consistent pricing possible, regardless of your document’s format.

Forms of Payment

PayPal, US checks, and cash.